Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Governance

A senior-level, cross-functional Sustainability Committee oversees Celgene’s integrated corporate responsibility strategy. This committee is responsible for decision- making on corporate responsibility–related topics and reviewing the progress of environmental initiatives, stakeholder engagement, reporting, and other relevant activities. The Chair of the Sustainability Committee reports directly to the Chairman and CEO. Committee members include senior representatives from key departments across Celgene.

The Sustainability Committee develops and drives Celgene’s sustainability initiatives and approves the company’s annual Corporate Responsibility Report. It also serves as the liaison to corporate responsibility–focused organizations and programs, such as the CDP and GRI, and approves any updates to the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy. Specific information related to this policy can be found at responsibility.

The Committee also provides direct oversight of various topics related to corporate responsibility initiatives at Celgene. This includes proactive outreach to stakeholders, environmental target management, and coordination with executive-level management.

The committee’s approved policies, actions, and strategies are executed by the respective departments within Celgene. Employees are informed through internal communications and are also included in training on the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy. Stakeholders and employees are encouraged to direct all communications to the committee via email at

Risk management is a central part of Celgene’s corporate policy, and risk management efforts have been expanded to include sustainability risks to enhance environmental compliance and performance. The Sustainability Committee reviews these potential risks and necessary actions for Celgene to consider. The committee reviews environmental risk annually, during the formation of our disclosure to CDP. Social and material risk items and topics are reviewed on a quarterly basis or as needed.

At least annually, a report on corporate responsibility and sustainability is provided to the Nominating, Governance and Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors, and at least twice a year to Celgene’s Executive Committee.

Celgene Sustainability Committee

Richard Bagger, Chair
Executive Vice President
Corporate Affairs and Market Access

Zeba M. Khan, RPh, PhD
Vice President
Corporate Responsibility

Janos Angeli
Senior Director
Engineering, Construction & Carbon Management

Juli Blanche
Vice President
Talent Acquisition & Employee Experience

Kimberly Lounds Foster
Corporate Vice President
Global Supply

Bernard Gianola
Associate Director
Environmental Health & Safety — Europe

Ralph Glover II
Senior Corporate Counsel
Corporate Legal

Nina Goworek
Executive Director
Investor Relations

Mairead Kehoe
Corporate Vice President
Clinical QA & Data Sharing/Disclosure

Vikram Khetani, PhD
Executive Director
Drug Development, Celgene Global Health

John Vogler
Environment, Health & Safety