Putting patients first is only possible because of the commitment of Celgene’s more than 8,500 employees. From Celgene scientists to Celgene Patient Support Specialists, our employees are dedicated to pursuing our purpose every day, and focused on the single mission of discovering, developing and delivering innovative therapies to patients for the treatment of cancer, immune-inflammatory and other medical needs.

Our Culture and Values

Celgene’s culture inspires us to do our best work, deliver exceptional results, and achieve our purpose. Our high-performance culture fosters a strong spirit of cooperation and collaboration to advance the discovery, development, and commercialization of our products.
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Employee Safety

We’re dedicated to providing a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace for our employees, contractors, and visitors.
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Employee Benefits and Wellness

Celgene’s investment in employees extends to their health and well-being. That’s why Celgene offers a number of healthy living programs, services and educational opportunities. These opportunities include nutritious food and exercise programs.
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Diversity and Inclusion

At Celgene, we respect and value all diversity of human identity and expression. To achieve our fullest potential, we expect everyone to embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and champion the free exchange of ideas.
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