Employee Safety

Celgene is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace for employees, contractors and visitors. This dedication begins with a commitment to establishing a best-in- class Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System. Celgene’s EHS Management System establishes the framework for extending our “Passion for the Patient” to our workforce and the environment. It empowers Celgene sites and holds them accountable to operate in a healthy, safe, compliant and environmentally responsible manner.

The Celgene EHS Management System is supported by policies that establish Celgene’s commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors while ensuring protection for the environment.

The Celgene EHS Management System consists of EHS Directives, which set Celgene corporate guidance and minimum requirements that cover a wide range of safety, health and environmental requirements that apply to all Celgene locations.

Celgene’s internal Global EHS Audit Team monitors compliance with EHS Directives and local and country regulations or requirements. Established in 2015, this team audits Celgene manufacturing and research sites based on operational risk. These sites also perform internal inspections to proactively identify and mitigate hazards.

Shown below is a summary of three years of global safety metrics. We continue to identify and mitigate injury and illness risks wherever they may be found as part of our ongoing and consistent approach to safety.

Celgene Global Safety Metrics, 2015-2017