Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

We believe that corporate responsibility is tied to our purpose, our values and our behaviors, and supports ethical and responsible business. More specifically, our corporate responsibility approach provides positive opportunities for patients, our partners, our employees and the environment. We choose collaborations that support the work of relevant medical and academic institutions of excellence, government agencies and regulators, patient advocacy groups and nongovernmental organizations, as well as investors and other biopharmaceutical companies. Beyond the development of new therapies, we invest in patient access to treatment, as well as support groups for patients and their families.

Celgene’s values are founded on the belief that by looking at the world around us with fresh curiosity, we can intensify our discovery efforts to find new solutions for patients. We believe that how we work helps create the value we bring to patients, now and in the future.

Corporate responsibility at Celgene is constantly evolving to drive consistent improvement. Our progress has gained recognition from external stakeholders, inspiring us to go even further. Our numerous projects underway further help patients, engage employees, manage our environmental footprint and provide strong governance.

We organize our approach to corporate responsibility around the following central dimensions:

  • Patients First: We deliver the value of innovative medicines to patients around the world with the ambitious goal of finding cures for patients with significant unmet medical needs.
  • Employees and Communities: We nurture the commitment and passion of our people while contributing to and partnering with the communities where we work and live.
  • Environment: We manage our environmental footprint to promote a healthy planet.
  • Business with Integrity: We foster a culture of excellence and integrity that governs all we do, from enabling new discoveries to ensuring that patients have access to them.


Celgene Corporation exists to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that can improve and extend patients’ lives worldwide. It is our purpose and our mission.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Our materiality assessment helps us to identify the corporate responsibility topics that are a priority for Celgene and our external stakeholders. This enables us to focus on the areas where we can have the greatest positive impact for our patients, employees, communities and the environment, and to ensure that we run our business with integrity.

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Corporate Responsibility at Celgene

An Interview with Zeba Khan, Ph.D., Celgene Vice President of Corporate Responsibility.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Celgene is committed to helping achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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External Awards and Recognition

Celgene is honored to receive several external awards and recognitions.

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