We assess our corporate responsibility work and practices in terms of issues and topics that are material to Celgene’s current operations, those that are potentially material in the near future, and those that are not directly controlled, such as activities within our supply chains. Items and aspects deemed material have a financial, social or environmental impact on our day-to-day operations. Our strategies related to business governance, environmental stewardship, community involvement, labor relations, and other material aspects are presented throughout this report to show the breadth and depth of the corporate responsibility work at Celgene. Over the years, we have enhanced our materiality assessment through an in-depth stakeholder engagement process. This has deepened our understanding of priority issues and sharpened our focus on these priorities.

Obtaining Stakeholder Input on Materiality and Corporate Responsibility

Celgene has determined the current environmental, social and governance issues deemed most significant and impactful to the company by obtaining feedback from both our employees and key external stakeholders. To obtain feedback from external organizations we conducted a two-step process. The first step was to analyze social and traditional media coverage of Celgene’s material issues. Our analysis revealed a shift in the priority level of some issues. The second step was to adjust the relative positioning of those issues in our materiality matrix and share it with more than 50 external stakeholders who were part of our materiality analysis engagement. Those stakeholders come from a range of backgrounds — including global health, patient advocacy, environmental management and public policy. We aggregated the external feedback and revised our materiality matrix. Celgene will continue to update our stakeholders on our latest developments and refresh the materiality matrix periodically, as needed.

Materiality Matrix

All topics at right have been deemed material by Celgene and stakeholders and are graphed according to their significance and priority to both. We monitor all topics regardless of position on matrix.